Do you have kids about to head off to college? Or younger kids you hope to send to college in the next 5 or 10 years? Then you need to start learning how financial aid works – and this could be a very eye-opening lesson!

If you haven’t yet had any experience with the financial aid process, you may be blissfully unaware of just how stressful and often disappointing this can be. You may also be in for a big letdown, especially if you assume (or at least hope) that good grades will be enough to help your child gets lots of aid.

Believe me, I know – because I thought the same thing. Boy, did I get a get wakeup call.

Some surprising facts:

 Good grades don’t automatically result in great scholarships, depending on the school(s) you select.
 An Ivy League school would have cost us less out of pocket than our state school (a lot less, actually).
 If we got divorced, my husband and I would save at least $30k a year (due to the financial aid our kids would then get)

Like many other families, we were already on a very tight budget, even before college costs entered the picture. We chose a public school and hoped that selection– coupled with our kids’ good grades and our relatively modest income – would lead to a nice financial aid package, and maybe even some good scholarships. When that didn’t materialize, we were forced to scramble and come up with some creative ideas (and yes, some desperate tactics) to keep our kids in school while faced with overwhelming tuition bills.


Things we’ve done:
  • Collected and recycled aluminum cans to pay for books
  • Performed mystery shopping gigs at stores where we could buy school supplies
  • Taken a job at their school in the hopes of getting the employee tuition discount (unfortunately my job classification wasn’t eligible for benefits, including the discount)
  • Begged and pleaded with the school for more aid (this was mostly unsuccessful)

I have since learned some hard lessons. I’m sharing my experiences and advice with you in the hopes that it might save you lots of disappointment, aggravation and perhaps even some money. You see, there are ways to increase your odds for financial aid. There are also ways – perfectly legal ways – to “work the system,” and plenty of people do it. Whether you feel comfortable using these tactics is your decision, but I feel you should at least be aware of how the system works so you can make your own choice.

We’ve compiled the lessons we’ve learned into a series of short, easy-to-read special reports. The first two are available now:

– Financial Aid Basics You Need to Know

– Five Things that Affect Your EFC (and How to Work Them to Your Advantage)  

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Note: Proceeds from anything sold on this site will go towards our sons’ college costs.

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